The Jessie Larae Band and their debut album BLACKWATER have slowly become North Louisiana's best kept secret. Their high energy performances and unique blend of Country and Blues music have slowly won over a loyal following of dedicated music fans that long to hear something "real" in their music.

Armed with a twin guitar attack, powerhouse vocals, and heavy rhythm section, the Jessie Larae Band never fail to captivate audiences and leave them wanting more!

Born in Northeast Louisiana, singer/songwriter Jessie Larae was raised in a musical family. Primarily influenced by her grandmother, a local country singer named Ida Red, she found a love for music in her early teens. Influenced by everyone from Willie Nelson to The Rolling Stones, Jessie formed The Jessie Larae Band shortly after graduating high school.

As Jessie has stated in a recent interview, she feels her album BLACKWATER is the closest she's ever been to capturing the sound that's truly herself. 



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